Gift Guide: The Perfect Valentine's Day Card

Giving gifts on Valentine's Day or not, you can never go wrong with having a card ready to go. Instead of popping out to the Hallmark store during your lunch break on Valentine's Day, shop small ahead of time and not only will you be supporting an independent artist, you'll also be able to pat yourself on the back for crossing 'buy a card' off of your to-do list with time to spare (provided that you're reading this at least a few days before the big day)!

I've put together a round-up of greeting card designers who have either 'love' or specific Valentine's Day cards. I used my personal favorite from each of their shops in this post but you should definitely click around their sites because in many cases there is much more to see!

Need a gift to accompany your card? Check out our laser-engraved leather coaster sets and hand-stamped textiles. Happy Valentine's Day!