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Product packaging is as important to your product as it is to conveying your brand. But packaging doesn't stop at what is housing your products, if you sell e-commerce, you're shipping supplies need to be on-point if you want to look less like a two-man operation working out of your basement and more like an actual company fulfilling orders. The trouble is, printing can get expensive, and when you're a micro-business, printing your branding onto packaging can really eat into your bottom line. The solution? Custom logo rubber stamps.

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Craft Show Etiquette

After selling at quite a few shows, and doing a lot of people watching in the process, I wanted to address the topic of Craft Show Etiquette. These are all things that have happened in our booth. Most of this seems like things people aren’t doing on purpose, but it couldn’t hurt to keep it back of mind next time you’re perusing booths at a craft show.

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