How to Address a Wedding Invitation

Addressing your wedding invitation correctly is crucial - do you know the correct etiquette?

The only thing harder than paring down your guest list to fit your space, er, budget, is making sure that the correct people know they are, or in some cases, are not, invited. My apologies if that came off crass, but sometimes you don't want to dole out plus ones like Halloween candy or maybe it's an adults only soiree... Here's a handy cheat sheet for how to address your invitation envelopes so it's clear who in each household is invited. I'm going to use my immediate family circa 2004 as an example.


Meet Lance and Helene Nogle, and their three lovely children Sydney (that's me!), Victoria, and Ian, aged 18, 14, and 10 respectively. Oh, and Sydney was glued to, er, dating this guy named Mike (yes, the same Mike...he stuck around).

We'll start big and work our way down:

Whole family is invited, including Mike:
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Nogle
Sydney and Guest, Victoria, and Ian
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Nogle
Victoria and Ian
with a separate envelope for
Miss Sydney Nogle and Guest
Miss Sydney Nogle
Mr. Michael Musselman (if there are different last names, the woman's name goes first, since we weren't married at the time, our names would appear on separate lines without the word 'and')

Whole family, no date for Sydney:
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Nogle
and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Nogle
Sydney, Victoria, and Ian

No little kids allowed, sorry Ian:
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Nogle
Sydney and Victoria

No off-spring, period:
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Nogle

A few other examples:

Married couple with different last names:
Ms. Rachel Smith and Mr. James Richards

Someone has a fancy title (for example: Honorable, Doctor, Lieutenant):
The Honorable Glenda Peterson and Mr. David Peterson (titled person listed first)
or if they're both titled:
The Honorable Glenda Peterson and Doctor David Peterson (woman listed first)
Two doctors:
The Doctors Glenn and Margaret Fields

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For any wedding guests reading this: if your child's name or 'and family' is not on the envelope, they aren't invited. If your significant other's name or 'and guest' is not on the envelope, they aren't invited.