Latte Art: From Sip to Scarf

Latte art - how a warm beverage turned into a sketch in my notebook, a rubber stamp, and ultimately a hand-stamped scarf

I love hot chocolate. I wish a were a coffee drinker (less calories and more alertness) and I tried for two years to be a tea drinker (way healthier), but alas, hot chocolate has remained my hot beverage of choice. And not just in the cold winter months, I've been known to indulge year-round. This has made me a bit of a hot chocolate connoisseur (okay, snob). No hot water and packet of Swiss Miss here – I'm all about the warmed milk, whole if it's handy, and decadent chocolate.

The best hot chocolate that I've ever had in my life (I'm not exaggerating) is from Intelligentsia (this is my humble opinion and definitely not sponsored since they don't even know I exist). From the ambiance of the space to whatever magical chocolate they use, I don't foresee them losing their top spot in my book. At Intelligentsia, when the barista hands you your beverage, the lid is always off. This way you can add whatever cream and sugar go into your coffee, but also so you can see the handiwork that went into the pour (aka the 'latte art').

One afternoon, when I treated myself to an Intelligentsia hot chocolate, I paused. I really looked at the artful pour, noticed it, and appreciated the craftsmanship. I snapped a photo, and later, upon looking at that photo, I made a sketch. That sketch inspired several 'latte art' designs – which I then digitized and had Mike make into stamps.

Work-in-progress shot of our Latte Art hand-stamped blanket scarf

I was hoping that the voile that I ordered would make an airy blanket scarf that I could stamp the Latte Art designs onto. Upon stamping, I came up with some key learnings that I can apply to our fabric projects moving forward:

  1. The voile that appeared so soft and light in the sample, was a little too rigid for the size scarf that I was attempting to make.

  2. It took me a sizable amount of time to stamp 5 rows of 'latte' stamps – so I'll need to take that into consideration when deciding how much of a piece to stamp for future projects. I don't want the end prices to end up sky high because too much labor is involved.

All-in-all though, I'm swooning over the results. I cannot wait to get this pattern onto more of the fabric that I ordered so I can get moving on prototypes.

The first draft of our Latte Art hand-stamped blanket scarf

Meanwhile, I've also been working on two other lines of stamps to feature on our new fabric products: Cat's Pajamas (which you saw a preview of in Experiments in Fabric: Round 1) and Urban Toile (check out our Instagram for a preview).

UPDATE: The scarves, neckerchiefs, and table runners have been completed!