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Custom House Portrait Order Form

Add a touch of bespoke whimsy to your cards, decor, fridge, and Christmas tree with our custom house portraits. Your house, hand-drawn!

The way it works:

  1. Fill out the form below, we’ll write back to you within 24 hours asking for the photo(s) that you’d like the drawing based off of, as well as the address/ornament text if necessary, and we’ll also send over a PayPal invoice. The invoice will be the total of your selections below + the $30 Custom Drawing Fee (the Custom Drawing Fee is a one-time $30 fee for this particular drawing, not per product). You’re welcome to just purchase the custom drawing, in that case we’ll simply send over the file for you to do with as you please.

  2. Once the photo has been received and invoice paid, your drawing will commence and will be sent over for your approval within the week.

  3. After the drawing has been approved, work will begin on whichever products you’ve selected. We’ll provide you an estimated time frame, which we will strive to keep within about a week.

How to use this form: Go through and make your selections, leave any category that you’re not interested in blank. If you want to see pricing, add up the categories as you go (for example, 1 custom house drawing $30 + 1 rubber stamp $28 = $58).

Two important things to know: 1) once the drawing has been paid for and completed, you can always order more down the line using that drawing without paying an additional drawing fee (this includes if you have the drawing made for someone else, they can reference your order later on and order more with their house drawing on it), and 2) this form is a conversation starter, it isn’t binding - we can always add and subtract from it throughout the process, however once the drawing has been completed - there is no refund on the drawing fee and once production has started on the rest of your order, there are no refunds as this is completely custom work.

Name *
How many different custom houses would you like us to draw? There will be a discount offered for more than 3 custom houses being ordered.
This is for a single house on a single base. Each house ordered will have its own base.
This option is for a set of houses on a single base - there will be a choice of having our existing designs surrounding your custom house in a village as well as the option for having multiple custom houses in a single village base.
Is there anything else you'd like to know or would like us to know? Please feel free to ask any clarifying questions - filling out this form is not binding, it's a conversation starter.