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gifts that make an impression

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Here at East Grove, we know stamps.

We know how to make them: every stamp is made in-house...literally in our house.

We know how to use them: got a question about stamps or ink pads? Just ask – we'll respond with more details than you probably needed to know.

We know how to stamp evenly: you should see our gorgeous hand stamped scarves.

We know where the materials that we work with come from: we almost exclusively work with other small businesses, just like us.

Something else we know: that you'll love what you order!

Find new ways to express yourself

East Grove’s designs are far from subtle - whether you’re adorning the flaps of your wedding invitations with a large floral address stamp, stamping the inside of your books with a giant octopus, or donning a scarf stamped in drawings of dogs, you’re bound to make an impression when you shop with East Grove.



East Grove Stamp Co. part of Town & Country’s “The 10 Best Book Gifts for the Literature Lover in Your Life”