Welcome Back Mr. Card-taire

Image courtesy of YouTube

Image courtesy of YouTube

Title confession – back in the 90's Nick at Nite used to have what they called Block Party Summer. They would play 6 episodes back-to-back of one show each night of the week (the prequel to Netflix and Chill) – and one summer Welcome Back Kotter was the Friday show. I LOVED that show. So, in my brain, this post title went from Welcome Back (insert photo of new greeting cards), which put the theme song to Welcome Back Kotter into my head, which reminded me of how the character named Washington used to pronounce Mr. Kotter's name as Mr. Kot-taire, which made me thing of the word card, and so on... this all probably made more sense in my head and really has nothing to do with the rest of the post other than the fact that we are in-fact welcoming back our greeting card line.

Back in May, when we surveyed our newsletter subscribers and Instagram followers, one of the questions that we asked was “What type of products are you interested in?” Aside from Address Stamps (our flagship product), the next two most popular answers came as a bit of a surprise. Greeting cards were followed closely by prints. We used to offer both of those – but ultimately pulled them because 1) we were using an outside printer to produce them (gasp) so we had to sit on a LOT of inventory and couldn’t bring ourselves to mark them up very much and 2) I think we sold like 4 prints ever (we did not have this issue with our cards, they were actually well received).

We decided to go back to the drawing board and try again. The biggest obstacle to the previous iteration’s success was having an outside printer produce them. We were like, wait a sec...we’re stamp makers at heart – why don’t we just kick this old school and block print them ourselves??? Sidenote: This is how I talk in my brain when I think I’m younger and hipper than I actually am (good thing my 22 year old brother is visiting to remind me just how old he thinks 30 is…)

Greeting Cards: I pulled a few of our customer’s favorite puns, from our printed cards, out of retirement and made them into stampable designs. I knew that they would stamp well because I had Mike make me the 'You're Jawsome' and 'Frankly I like you' stamps back in February for Luke's class Valentine's cards. At that time we toyed around with selling a DIY Valentine's Day Cards kit, but the stamps were so large, we doubted anyone would pay $40 for Valentine's that they'd have to make on their own.

Prints: After our last unsuccessful bout of selling paper prints, we were left with an obscene amount of chipboard (thin cardboard that we used in packaging the prints to keep them rigid in their plastic sleeves). To keep costs down and use up what we already have, I decided to use the chipboard for the actual prints. The other big switch-up is subject matter. Whereas before we did quotes – similar to our now discontinued wood prints – this time around, we’re making designs from our successful city drawings (Chicago, New York City, and San Francisco).

If you are reading this like OMG nooooo, I loved your old greeting cards!!! (4 of a bazillion - more like 63 designs - are pictured above). Fear not, we still have a sizable stock left – click here to access what is left of them...on sale.

More importantly, click on any of the images in this post to shop our new lines of greeting cards and prints!