Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the East Grove?

We're based out of a town called Downers Grove, specifically the East side.


I get the stamp thing, but where did the inspiration for the other products come from?

A few years ago we bought a laser so that we could make stamps. When the 2014 winter holidays were upon us we wondered what else we could burn inside our laser. The outcome turned into several awesome Christmas presents for our family members, which became the inspiration for our lasered wood products.

The postcards came out of our love of snail mail. We keep a sheet of postcard stamps in our luggage and always make sure to send a few postcards to family and friends while we're away on our travels. With all of the travel photography that we've amassed over our treks, we decided to share our love of postcards with you.


Do you make custom products?

You bet! If you have an idea for something that we can make for you, we'd love to hear it. If you have a logo that you'd love to see turned into a stamp, sign, or card, send it on over and we'll let you know if it's something that we can work with. Click on over to our contact page and drop us a note.


I've got a stellar shop – can I sell your products?

Check out our wholesale page, if our products are right up your alley, we can get you set up with a wholesale account.


Can I do a rush order?

The short answer, that depends. Cards and postcards: as long as we have the design you're looking for in-stock, we can work with you on some rush shipping. Signs can usually be rushed, check with us first. With our batch stamp-making schedule, the quickest we can churn out a stamp for you is a week.


How do returns work?

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